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Bloom Seaweed 2.5lt
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Bloom Seaweed 2.5lt

Bloom Seaweed is 100% Organic. It increases drought tolerance, disease resistance and promotes a healthy root mass.
It is safe to use on seedlings and young plants and is compatible with all Plants from natives to citrus.
Bloom Seaweed is derived from Aschopylum Nodusum which is a seaweed that grows in the cool clean northern oceans.
Bloom Seaweed can be used at the following rates:
Ferns 2ml per litre
Foliar Feed 2.5ml per litre
Seedlings 2.5ml per litre
General Use 4ml per litre
Lawns 7.5ml per litre
Tomatoes 10ml per litre
Large/Stressed Trees 10ml per litre

Price: $25.00